How to Decorate Shoes

Are you tired of your plain white sneakers? Do you want to add some flair to your Mary Janes? Decorating your own shoes is an inexpensive craft project that allows you to instantly make a work of art you can also wear. Read on for instructions on how to decorate shoes with paint, glitter or rhinestones, and try out other fun ideas for all types of shoes.

Method 1. Decorating with Paint.custom NHL decals stickers

1. Get some tennis shoes. To decorate shoes with paint you’ll need to use canvas tennis shoes. You can buy canvas shoes in white, black, and many other colors at department or drug stores. Get a few pairs to try out different designs, or just stick with one pair for your masterpiece.

  • You can choose canvas shoes with or without laces – both will work just fine.
  • Paint an old pair of canvas tennis shoes if you don’t want to buy a brand new pair. Painting shoes is a great way to bring new life to shoes you’ve already worn.

2. Pick out paint. Fabric paint is designed to adhere to the type of fabric that is used to make canvas shoes, and in many cases it is even waterproof. Using fabric paint will help your designs last through a lot of wear. Go to an art supply store and choose paint in as many colors as you want.

3. Plan your design. Draw draw your design on a piece of paper before you get started. Plan what to paint on the tops of the shoes, the heels, and the sides. Decide whether to make both shoes the same or do something different with each one. Here are a few ideas:

  • Choose a pattern and a background color. For example, you could paint the shoes with a star pattern against a purple background. custom mlb stickers
  • Do two-tone shoes. Make the toes and heels one color and the middle of the shoes a contrasting color.
  • Make one interesting shape. Paint a pair of lips or a watermelon slice on the front of the shoes.
  • Make a silly design. Paint a banana on one shoe and a monkey face on the other, or paint one shoe to look like an alligator foot and the other too look like a bear paw.

4. Draw your design on the shoes in pencil. Outline your design first, so that it will be easier to paint it neatly. If your drawing doesn’t look right, you can just erase it and try again.

5. Paint the shoes. Pour the different colors of paint into separate containers. Use a small paintbrush to apply the first color. Rinse the brush and apply the second color. Repeat until you’ve completely finished filling in the design you drew.

6. Let the paint dry. Wait several hours for the paint to dry before you wear your newly-decorated shoes.

Method 2. Decorating with Glitter or Rhinestones

1. Pick out shoes to decorate. Glitter and rhinestones can be used to decorate all sorts of shoes – not just canvas. Use glitter or rhinestones to jazz up flip flops, dress shoes, tennis shoes, or any other type of shoes.

2. Buy glue and supplies. The only materials you need to decorate with glitter and rhinestones are glue and the glitter and rhinestones of your choice. Go to a craft store and pick up the following items:

  • Spray-on adhesive. This makes it easy to apply the glue – all you have to do is spray it on, rather than painting it on with a brush. You can certainly use the painting method if you don’t want to buy spray-on glue.
  • Solid or multi-colored glitter. Buy a large bag or can of glitter to make sure that your shoes get entirely covered (if that’s the look you’re going for).
  • Rhinestones, buttons or other baubles. Craft stores carry all kinds of rhinestones and other small items with one flat side that makes it easy to glue to another surface. Pick out the colors and shapes you love.

3. Decide on a design. Covering the shoes entirely with glitter has a striking effect, and it’s also a style trend that has been popping up in stores. You can go all the way or make a subtler pattern to decorate your shoes.

  • Make a glitter border. Plan to paint a line of glitter just above the soles of the shoes if you want just a hint of glitter.
  • Do a glitter base dotted with rhinestones.
  • Make alternating glitter and rhinestone stripes.
  • Make a rhinestone heart or star with glitter bursts along the edges.

4. Apply the adhesive. Spray or paint the first shoe with adhesive according to the design you created. If you’re glittering the whole shoe, go ahead and spray the whole thing. If you’re making a pattern, spray only in the places where the pattern will be.

  • If you need to block of areas that shouldn’t get sprayed with adhesive, you can keep them dry with masking tape.
  • For more complicated designs, it’s best to use a paintbrush to apply a little glue at a time.

5. Apply the glitter and rhinestones. Sprinkle the glitter over the areas where you planned to use glitter. To apply the rhinestones, simply press them onto the surface of the shoe. For extra security, you can apply a little glue to the bottom of the rhinestone before pressing it on the shoe.

6. Repeat with the other shoe. When you’re finished working with the first shoe, move on to the second.

7. Let the shoes dry. Wait several hours before wearing the shoes. Glitter and rhinestones aren’t machine-washable or waterproof, so be careful where you wear them.

Method 3. Trying Other Decoration Ideas

1. Use sharpies to decorate your shoes. Go with classic black or pick up a package of colorful sharpies to create a design. You can use them to write words, like a quote, or to create a sketch.

  • Consider writing a poem or your favorite song lyric.
  • Draw a cartoon of your favorite animal or celebrity.
  • Ask your friends to sign your shoes and make a doodle.

2. Get unique laces. Laces come in all kinds of patterns and colors. Look for animal patterns, polka dots, tie-dye designs, small printed characters, and all sorts of other unique prints.

  • Instead of buying laces, why not make your own? Use ribbon, baker’s twine, or hemmed pieces of fabric to make decorative laces.
  • If your shoes have plain white laces, you can decorate those as well. Add small rhinestones or glitter, or use paint to make a pattern.

3. Use super glue to apply larger decorations. Glue ribbons, buttons, and other small decorations to your shoes with superglue.


  • If you’re going for a punk-goth look, you can get chains and attach them to your shoes.

How to Build a Professional Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers have long been a public medium for vehicle owners (and mischievous kids) to promote beliefs and causes and spread humor and cheer. Indeed as long as their have been cars, there have been bumper stickers. If you are the creative sort, here are the steps below to create and print professional bumper stickers.

1. Keep it short. Since bumper stickers are usually found on (you guessed it) bumpers, short messages that are easy to read at 15′ – 20′ are usually best. Larger text is better and high contrast helps with ease of reading. While traditional bumper stickers are 11.5 inches (29.2 cm) x 3.75 inches (9.5 cm), any size bumper sticker can be created.

2. Make it stand out. Design & artwork is an important aspect of bumper sticker creation. A great design can really add to the messaging. If you can’t design, you may want to find someone who can. Artwork and visual cues help to add clarity to your project. Great artwork also reinforces your message and creates the proper context for your messaging. Playing around with sticker shapes can add an extra flare to the project too.

3. Make it real. Finally, find a printing company capable of printing your bumper stickers. There are many options online and each focus on a particular area. Some are low cost while other focus on quality. All printers can assist with the printing process to ensure you get the quality stickers you are looking for!


  • Play around with sticker shapes. Many printers will print non-standard shapes and sizes. Odd shapes help to provide a memorable experience
  • Don’t underestimate font choice. The right font can really add weight behind your message.
  • bright and contrasting colors make your messaging easier to see at large distances

How to Make T Shirts to Sell

With a little creativity, imagination and the right supplies, you can make and sell t-shirts, online and in person, at festivals and special events. Many of the materials you need to make personalized t-shirts are inexpensive and you can use these materials to make other items. Learn what supplies you need as well as what designs you can utilize to make t-shirts that sell.

Method 1.

1. Go to the fabric store and purchase the type of fabric you need to make the t-shirts. A cotton and spandex blend to make t-shirts provides maximum comfort for the wearer.

2. Buy a pattern to make the type of shirts you want. There are different shirt patterns for v-neck t-shirts, scoop neck t-shirts and sleeveless t-shirts.

3. Pay for the fabric, the pattern and the supplies you need to make the t-shirts by hand.glitter iron on stickers

Method 2. Making T-Shirts with Decals

1. Take your sketches or drawings to a decal store or craft store and have them make heat press decals for you. Depending on the business, having your decals made can take a few days up to a week or longer. Once they are ready, pick them up at the store.

2. Put the heat press machine on if you have your own. Be careful when using the heat press machine. It can reach upwards of a couple of 100 degrees. Read the directions thoroughly before you attempt to use this machine.

3. Place the t-shirt onto the heat press. Make sure it is centered and has no wrinkles in it. Place the decal onto the shirt. Make sure you centered the decal in the middle of the shirt.

4. Press the handle down on the heat press machine and hold the bar down until you hear a beep. The beep lets you know when the shirt is ready.

5. Remove the t-shirt from the heat press. Place it on the hanger and set it to the side. You can continue making the personalized t-shirts until all of the decals are used up.

Method 3. Making T-Shirts with Rhinestones

1. Place the t-shirt onto a craft table or flat surface. You can use a sketch you have drawn previously as a guideline or use a stencil or pattern to help you with proper placement of the rhinestones.

2. Hold the stencil steady by placing tape on it. Grab your glue gun or special glue pen.

3. Place the rhinestone onto the pattern or stencil and begin gluing the rhinestones onto the t-shirt. Continue gluing the rhinestones onto the t-shirt until you complete the pattern.

4. Hang the t-shirt on a hanger or flat surface and allow the glue time to dry. Experiment with different patterns and different colored rhinestones to get an idea of what design works best with the rhinestones you purchased.


  • In the beginning, when you sell t-shirts, it is best to make a few different designs so you can see which t-shirt designs sell and which t-shirt designs don’t sell.
  • You can also add rhinestones to shirts with decals after you have added the decal.
  • Since most men prefer shirts with decals on them, investing in a heat press machine is ideal. You can also make your own t-shirts for a low price. To get an idea of how popular your shirts will be, wear a different style of t-shirt a few days a week to see if you receive feedback from other people.

Things You’ll Need

  • T-shirt pattern

  • Fabric in different colors

  • Heat press machine

  • Heat press decals

  • Pattern or stencil

  • Flat back Swarovski crystals in a variety of colors

  • Glue gun or glue pen

How to Remove Labels from Window Glass

(custom NHL decals stickers ) Removing labels from window glass is an easy process. As long as you don’t use anything abrasive or work on the glass when it is dry, your windows will look brand new when you have removed any stickers and labels. Soapy water is usually the only thing you’ll need to remove most labels.

1. Fill a 1-gallon (4 L) bucket with warm water.

2. Fill a second bucket with warm water and set it aside for rinsing.

3. Add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of mild detergent to one of the buckets.

4. Swish the detergent around with your hand or a long-handled spoon until the water is sudsy.

5. Dip a sponge into the bucket, wring it out slightly, and apply it to the glass.

6. Use a glass scraper to remove the decal. custom mlb stickers

  • Test the scraper first in an inconspicuous area of the glass to be sure it won’t leave a scratch.

7. If the sticker hasn’t completely come off, rub on a natural degreaser such as baby oil, cooking oil or mineral oil to remove any sticky residue left behind from the adhesive. Just dab a small amount of oil on a paper towel and rub it over the residue.

8. Dip a clean sponge into the rinsing bucket and wring out the excess water.

9. Wipe the glass clean.

10. Dry the glass with a lint-free cloth or with crumpled newspaper.


  • A professional-grade window scraper is preferable to a razor blade because you are less likely to scratch the glass with a scraper. Razor blades are very sharp and can easily scratch glass, especially if too much pressure is applied.


  • You can soak labels in rubbing alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover), but those substances can harm weather stripping and window frame finishes.
  • Never use a razor blade on tempered glass. Instead, soak the decal with a natural solvent, such as mineral oil, and peel it off by hand.
  • Avoid removing labels and cleaning windows in direct sunlight. The washing solution evaporates quickly when the window is hot which leaves streaks, and using a scraper on dried glass can result in more scratches.
  • Avoid using abrasive pads when removing a decal from glass. Even the nylon pad on the back of a dishwashing sponge can be too abrasive and may scratch the glass.

Things You’ll Need

  • 2 buckets

  • Long-handled spoon (optional)

  • Sponge

  • Lint-free cloth or newspaper

  • Window scraper

  • Mineral oil, baby oil or cooking oil

How to Decorate For Valentine’s Day

Decorating for Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun. If you don’t have many ideas, however, it can be quite stressful. This article will give you several tips and ideas on how to decorate for this very special day. It will also give you a few simple projects that you can later use to decorate your space with.

Method 1. Getting Ideas

1. Know who you are decorating for custom NHL decals stickers. Having an idea of who you will be decorating for can help you decide what sots of themes and colors to use. For example, if you are decorating a classroom for young children, you may want to use larger, more colorful decorations 3D look wall stickers. If you are decorating a classroom for older children (such as teenagers) you might want to tone down the pink and frills, and keep the decorations more subtle.

2. Know where you will be putting the decorations. Some decorations work better in some places than others do. For example, you can get away with using larger, brighter decorations in a classroom, but you might want to use smaller, less distracting decorations for your desk or cubicle.

  • Make use of the bulletin board in classrooms. Use white or pink for the background, and red for the boarder. Decorate the board with the students’ Valentine’s day crafts.
  • If you are in a cubicle, pin a heart or cupid cut-out to the wall. You can also place a glass bowl with candy hearts on your desk.
  • If you work at a desk, try getting a Valentine’s day themed figurine, such as a tinsel heart, and placing it on top of a lace doily. You can also place a jar filled with candy hearts on your desk.
  • Decorate the windows with garlands and paper cut-outs if you own a shop. These will bring the holiday into your shop without getting in your customers’ way.
  • Go full out if you are decorating your home, but be mindful of people’s private space. Consider decorating family areas, such as the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

3. Choose a theme and stick with it. Valentine’s Day decorations come in all shapes and sizes Valentine’s Day iron on transfers. Some look rustic, while others look fancy. Whatever theme you choose, keep it consistent. A rustic, burlap table runner won’t look good under an elegant vase filled with a dozen red roses. Here are some common Valentine’s Day themes to get you started:

  • Old-fashioned themes will be Victorian-inspired. They will often use gold, ivory, and other soft, faded colors. They will be detailed, with lots of lace.
  • Rustic themes are popular and make use of burlap, rope, and galvanized steal.
  • Traditional themes use a lot of red, white and pink. While hearts are the main focus, you can also expect a cupid here and there.
  • Sweet themes are true to their name, and use lots of pastels, candy hearts or heart-shaped chocolates in their design.

4. Try going beyond red, pink, and white. These are the three most commonly used colors for Valentine’s day, but this doesn’t mean that you have to use them. There are other colors that, when used with a heart shape, can also work.

  • Use the candy conversation hearts as inspiration. They come in pink, pale yellow, light green, and pastel purple. These are great for kids.
  • Red and gold or red and black are romantic, and great for fancy dinners.
  • Pink and silver are more delicate, and great for anyone.
Method 2. Decorating Your Space

1. Choose candles in romantic colors and sweet scents. Candles are perfect for bringing a touch of romance to any space. Red, pink, or white candles, however, would be even better. To step things up a notch, try getting scented candles, especially ones that smell like cookies, cupcakes, roses, and sugar.

2. Use lots of flowers. Nothing says romance and love like flowers, especially roses. Red roses are the most popular, but pink and white roses are also suitable. You can also use carnations and daisies as well. Arrange the flowers in glass vases. Baby’s breath and fern leaves make great fillers.

  • For a fancy dinner, tuck a single rose into each napkin ring, along with a white napkin.
  • Red roses make perfect gifts for romantic partners. Pink and white roses make great gifts for sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers.
  • If you don’t want to use flowers, get a pack of fake rose petals from an arts and crafts store instead. You can usually find them in the wedding aisle. Scatter the petals across tables or fireplace mantles. You can also place them in a bowl.

3. Place bowls of candy throughout the house or room. For a fancier twist, place the candy in a fake crystal bowl or on a cupcake tray. Conversation hearts and cinnamon hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t like those candies, however, try chocolates, or other red-colored candies.

4. Use table runners and lace doilies. Drape table runners over the tabletops before you set things down, such as flowers and candles. You can also use doilies instead. For example, a large, glass vase filled with red roses would look romantic set atop a large, white, lace doily.

  • If your table runner is plain, you can paint hearts onto it using stencils and red or pink fabric paint.
  • You can also dress up a plain table runner by gluing down some wide lace down the center.
  • If the runner is narrow enough, you might be able to place it on your fireplace mantle.

5. Make use of store-bought decorations glow in the dark wall stickers. They usually start appearing in stores around January. Party supply stores and arts and crafts stores often have a lot to choose from. Some department stores may also sell them. Here is a list of store-bought decorations, and how you can use them:

  • Drape banners across doorways, fireplace mantles, and windows.
  • Pin or tape cupid and heart cut-outs on doors, above fireplace mantles, and on windows.
  • Hang wreaths on doors or above fireplace mantles.
  • Place tissue balls and flower balls in glass bowls. If they come with a ribbon or string loop, you can hang them up instead.
  • Place figurines, miniature plants, and tiny topiaries on mantles and desks.
Method 3. Using and Decorating Candles

1. Put candles on tables and fireplace mantles. If you are using pillar candles, use both short and tall ones. This will make your mantle look more interesting. Also, try to use a color that contrasts with the mantle, or the wall behind it. For example, if you have a dark-colored mantle, use white or ivory candles. If you have a white mantle, use pink candles for a softer look, or red candles for a romantic look.

  • Red, pink, and white/ivory are typical Valentine’s day colors. You can also use gold or silver.

2. Add to existing pillar candles. If you can’t find any red or pink candles, but don’t want to use plain white candles, you can always dress up what you have. Wrap some twine or thick lace around the middle of a candle, and secure it with a piece of clear tape or a drop of glue. Stick a heart-shaped button or sticker in the middle.[1]

  • You can also wrap strips of double-sided tape around a candle, and then roll the candle around in glitter. Use Valentine’s day colors, such as pink, red, gold, or silver. You can match the glitter to the candle color, or use a contrasting color, such as gold glitter on a red candle.

3. Decorate the trays, chargers, and stands you put pillar candles on. This is great for those who have plain candles and don’t feel like decorating them. It can turn a plain set of candles into Valentine’s day ones with little effort. Place your pillar candles on the base first. Next, scatter some conversation hearts or glass marbles across the base, between the candles.

  • Use Valentine’s day colors for the glass marbles, such as red, pink, silver, and gold.

4. Use floating candles for a more romantic look. Fill a shallow, glass bowl with water, and add some floating candles. For some more color, scatter some red or pink glass marbles across the bottom of the bowl. You can use ordinary white floating candles or rose-shaped ones (in red, pink, white, gold, or silver).

  • For a twist on the floating candle, consider using a tall, cylindrical vase or a mason jar instead of a glass bowl. Fill the vase or jar almost to the top with water, and add the candle.

5. Fill a cylindrical or hurricane vase with pink and/or white sand and stick a pillar candle on top. You can also use other vase fillers as well, such as conversation hearts or glass marbles in pink, red, or clear. Try to use a contrasting color for the candle, so if you are using pink filler, use a white candle. For a finishing touch, wrap some pink or red ribbon around the middle of the vase, and tie it in a bow.[2]

  • To use less filler: place a small can inside the vase, and stick the candle on top. Fill the space around the can with filler, all the way up to the top of the can. When you are done, the can should not be visible.
Method 4. Making Decorations

1. Make some Valentine’s Day candle holders using mason jars, paint, and glitter. Cut a large heart out of adhesive paper, and stick it onto the side of the jar. Paint over the jar using Mod Podge. Shake on some white, pink, or red glitter, and then peel off the heart. You will be left with a heart-shaped hole; the candle light will shine through this hole. Wait for the glue to dry, then tie a pretty pink ribbon around the mouth of the jar.[3]

  • Wipe the entire jar down with rubbing alcohol first. It will help the glitter stick better.
  • Consider painting the jar first. Match the color of the paint to the glitter you will use.
  • Try to use fine, scrapbooking glitter instead of thick, chunky glitter. It will look more professional.

2. Make a heart tree using tree branches and hearts. Go outside and find a tree branch; it should be no longer than your arm, with thin, delicate twigs. Cut some hearts out of pink, white, and/or red paper. Glue the hearts onto the twigs using hot glue. Stick the branch into a vase.[4]

  • Try using pearly scrapbook paper or glitter paper. It will look more romantic.

3. Make a simple garland. Find cardstock in red, pink, and white. Punch or cut hearts out of the cardstock. Arrange the hearts in a row, making sure to leave some space between each one. Draw a thin line of glue along the center of each heart, going from side to side. Cut a long piece of string, and place it across the hearts, right on top of the glue.

  • For a romantic garland, fold lace, paper doilies over a piece of string. Secure the doilies with a drop of glue on the inside.
  • To decorate for school or a book-lover, use photocopies of book pages instead.

4. Make a giant conversation heart garland. Cut large hearts out of pastel-colored paper, and write cute messages using red marker. Punch a hole through the left and right sides of each heart. Tie the hearts together using shiny, white ribbon; be sure to tie the ribbon into cute bows. Tie a piece of ribbon onto each end of the garland so that you can hang it up.

  • Aim to make each heart about 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) across.
  • For a simpler garland, use smaller hearts. Glue the hearts across the middle to the string. Leave about 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) on each end of the string so that you can hang it up.

5. Sew a garland. Cut hearts out of red, pink, and white felt. Place red thread in your sewing machine. Sew the hearts across the center, from top to bottom. Feed hearts into the sewing machine, one after the other, until they are all included on one long piece of string. Back stitch at both ends to ensure the thread doesn’t unwind. Hang it with tacks in a doorway, or lay it across a table.

6. Add some sparkle to just about anything with glitter. Apply some white glue onto the area you want glittery. If you want to use more than one color, start with your first color; you will apply the other colors later. Shake the glitter onto the glue, then tap the excess off. If you want to add more colors, apply the glue for your next color. You can apply glitter to just about anything, including candles, jars, and cards.

  • Use Valentine’s day colors, such as red, pink, and iridescent, when coloring large areas.
  • Use gold and silver for small, accent areas.
  • For large areas, use loose glitter and glue. You can use spray-on glue, or liquid glue. Use a paintbrush or foam brush to apply the liquid glue.
  • Use double-sided tape on boarders. Place the tape down first, then shake some glitter over it.
  • Use glitter glue pens for fine, detailed areas. Glitter glue pens will also work for letters.

7. Make some Valentine’s Day cards for your loved ones. Use cardstock, lace doilies, and glue to layer a heart design. Color the card with colored pencils, markers or crayons. When you are done, you can pin the Valentines to walls or windows for decoration.

Jonathan Toews FIRST HAT-TRICK

Toews in NHL is the first hat- trick in February 27, 2009, against the Pittsburgh penguins, though ultimately the team lost the game in overtime, but surprisingly Toews performance.u=3341554994,711557834&fm=21&gp=0 In all of the black hawk team at 09 season Toews 82 games get high score 62 points (score 1, assists project 1), to help black hawk shortlisted for the NHL playoffs for the first time since 2002, Toews17 games won 13 points in the playoffs, helping black hawk into the western conference finals, but in the end game 5 of the western conference finals was eliminated by the Detroit red wings.

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Dwyane Tyrone Wade got first NBA championship

Dwyane Tyrone Wade was born on January 17, 1982 in Chicago, The NBA player, The secretary shooting guard, nicknamed The “Flash” .u=2200971426,984673577&fm=21&gp=0 Wade in the 2003 NBA draft, selected by the Miami heat in the first round of the fifth pick, and into the NBA. In 2006, dwyane wade got career first NBA championship, and became the fifth young won the NBA finals MVP player in NBA history.u=2494591053,2470615658&fm=21&gp=0If you want to design a basketball jersey  like these, find a diy iron on transfers retailer, you will find it easy to make your own personalized basketball jersey  logo.pls click here Thanks.

The U.S. national team World Cup 2014 home jerseys Report: The U.S. World Cup National team 2014 home jersey, still with classic white shirts, including the whole body and sleeve, added with light grey shirt and horizontal stripes, which is one of the long traditions design in the United States. Jersey has a white polo collar, equipped with a red adornment, this is the American fashion and an iconic element in sports apparel.

Forwarded from

The U.S. national team World Cup 2014 home jerseys

The U.S. national team World Cup 2014 home jerseys 7  The U.S. national team World Cup 2014 home jerseys 2 The U.S. national team World Cup 2014 home jerseys 3 The U.S. national team World Cup 2014 home jerseys 4 The U.S. national team World Cup 2014 home jerseys 5 The U.S. national team World Cup 2014 home jerseys 6

What should we take note when watching World Cup Games ?

The World Cup is so exciting,and many crazy fans like to stay up late to watch the games.But what should we take note when watching the exciting World Cup Games ?


1 try not to stay up late:

Because games usually begin at night or in the morning, guys who like to watch games always could not restrain his excited feeling.So many fans have to stay up late, but you must pay attention to your body, you should go to bed if you can not insist on.


2 Watch the World Cup replay:

If you especially like watching the World Cup, but can’t stay up late again, suggest that you can sleep early during the day, or you can watch the World Cup replay game (replay game can search on the Internet for schedule).

3 prepare plenty of food:

It is an exciting game to watch the live games at night, of course, it is easy to feel hungry, so you should prepare plenty of food, in case that you would be hungry.


4 Drink moderately or don’t drink wine:

Recent media reported that drunk people are much more than usual during the World Cup, which will also brought direct harm to our health.So remind friends pay attention to “drink moderately.

5 You should control your emotions no matter lose or win:

Some people tend to be much emotional when watching games, but had better not pass those emotions on to our life .



How to get rid of paint on your kid’s garments ?

Kids are easily to make their clothes dirty such as satined with some tea stains or some paint, then how to get rid of paint stains to avoid wasting your kid’s garments ?


You can drop some wind medicated oil on parts contaminated with paint, brush and scrub repeatedly with a little dish soap .If still can not get rid of the paint,you could wash more times with more wind medicated oil .

pic 1

Then have the clothes soak for half an hour in the water.

pic 2

Wash your clothes again and have a look, if there is still a small amount of paint, wash repeatedly for a few times until the paint is totally removed.

pic 3